Traditional Astamangal Khadkulo 10’| Nepalese Copper Pot


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  • Material : Copper
  • Height :8cms
  • Diameter : 27cms
  • Weight : 0.797 kgs
  • Khadkulo has traditional carvings to bring in a classic look and cultural appeal.
  • The carving is of Ashtamangala.
  • Ashtamangala is a group of eight (ashta) auspicious (mangal) symbols known in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Each symbol has a meaning and different value from a spiritual point of view. The conch shell represents the pervasive sound of dharma (truth) and is said to awaken the disciples from the sleep of ignorance to seek truth and welfare. The endless knot represents the ultimate unity symbolizing enlightenment through the union of compassion and wisdom. The lotus is a symbol of divine beauty and purity of body, speech and mind regardless of the dirty water. The vase represents health, longevity, wealth, prosperity and knowledge as the true treasures of life.
  • Beautifully hand crafted – Made in Nepal – Copper

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