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    • Material : Copper
    • Height : 4cms
    • Diameter :10 cms
    • Weight : 0.153 kgs
    • suitable for gifting and decoration in racks & tables
    • cute machine made product with two ears
    • plain machine made design
    • no water leakage problem in joint
    • Capacity: 100 – 200ml (approx.)
    • Length: 15 cm
    • Width: 12.5 cm
    • Height: 4 cm
    • Weight: 0.18 kgs

Khadkulo is a Nepali product used to prepare food; mainly rice and also has traditional importance for marriage in Brahmin, chhetri.

This is a miniature version of the Khadkulo. Rather than for any of the purpose mentioned above. This product is used for mainly decoration purposes, and in some occasions as well in some cases. The plus point of this product is it consists of no joins due to which there is no any leakage possibility. It also consists of handmade marks on it.

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