Brass Bowl Set 2.6 inches 150 ml (Set of 6 bowls)


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  • Material: Pure Brass
  • Set of 6 bowls
  • Capacity : 150 ml
  • Weight: 240-270 grams per bowl
  • Height:6.5 cms
  • Width: 8.5 cms
  • Brass Bowl Dhalod Kachaura is made of pure 100% genuine brass (dhalod).
  • We water test, damage check and quality test our product individually before shipping.
  • Benefits of brass utensils:
  • Brass Produces melanin for healthy hair and skin
  • Drinking water stored in Brass vessel Increases strength and immunity
  • Eating food from a brass vessel Prevents abdominal infections
  • When food is cooked in a brass utensils natural oil gets released that adds unique flavour and taste to the food.
  • As zinc is present in Brass, it helps Purifies the blood
  • Zinc is also known to sharpen the memory of your brain hence consuming water or food from a brass vessel sharpens the memory.
  • Consuming food or water from a brass vessel helps in curing respiratory diseases like cough and asthma.
  • Elegant and traditional, our handcrafted brass bowl is perfect for dals and curries.

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