Brass Big Sukunda 11 inch | Mukunda| Ganesh Sukunda Large Antique


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  • Material : Brass
  • Weight : 1.951 kgs
  • Height : 27 cms
  • Width: 5cms
  • Capacity : 800 ml
  • Mukunda is a brass product and a bigger size of sukunda. This sukunda is used in sagun. Mostly used in marriage ceremony. Besides marriage ceremony this also gives an ambiance to environment due to its decoration. It is handmade so people easily get attracted to it. It has precise details of carvings.

    Sukunda is available during life-cycle events such as birthdays, marriages and rites of old age. This will also available at the Mha Puja ritual on the New Year Day of the Nepal Period. Even before travelling or returning back home we use Sukunda to give Sagun. Besides, Ganesh sukunda is a resemblance good luck. here is a huge demand of handicraft products in the market and one of these product is sukunda.

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